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Welcome to the Doctor Whoof WikiEdit

A collection of information on the Doctor Whoof extended universe and story arcs based on the DOCTOR WHOOF series of short stories by Elaine Spitzer and Hiishirikuu Spitzer.

The series follows the exploits of 'The Doctor' a mysterious traveller of time and space who has saved the universe countless times in the past. He is a timelord, one of a legendary race of powerful beings, one of the most advanced civilizations in all the universe whose job it was to observe, but never interfere. Despairing of his people's desire to do nothing but watch, he went rouge, and fled his home planet, Gallopfrey, in a stolen Timelord vessel called a TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space), a unique vessel that is forged from the heart of white dwarf star. It's nearly indestructible and can travel anywhere in time and space, as well being equipped with super high-tech equipment, laboratories, a large library, a swimming pool, kitchen, multiple recreational rooms and bedrooms.

The Doctor remains a wanderer of the universe, finding company from his most favorite species, the equine race from the planet Earth called 'ponies' who keep him company in his many travels.

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