Kasterborus, Mutter's Spiral


Gallopfreyans (Time Lords)

Gallopfrey was the home world of the Time Lords, amongst them, notable individuals such as The Doctor and Romana. It was destroyed during the last Great Time War, where they were overwhelmed by the Daleks.

Gallopfrey was located in the constellation of Kasterborus at galactic co-ordinates 10-0-11-0-0 by 0-2 from Galactic Zero Centre. Kasterborus was also known as the Great Horseshoe and Gallopfrey had the alternative name, "Land of The Greater Equines."

Gallopfrey was a land of towering and rugged mountains, massive peaks and very little flat land. Raging winds whipped through the lands. In the morning the sky was light blue, similar to the early hours of the morning on earth. At night, it was dark blue. Gallopfrey's sun was very far away, yet, still close enough to provide light and ample heat, though, it was still very cold, even more so at night. Natural heat from within the mountains stopped any ice from forming, which worked to the native's advantage. The Time Lords built their cities on the sides of the mountains. How exactly the original settlers adapted to this is unknown.

The Time Lord's government was central part of the planet in a massive palace known as the Citadel of The Time Lords. This is where the Grand Council met and made desiscions.

Galopfrey's government was centered on the Grand Council. Every 1000 years, the Council decided among themselves who should be replaced and who should stay, and this cycled continued until their eventual destruction.