Season One




First Doctor (introduction)


Sarah-Anne Foremane (introduction;joins)


The Elder Tribe


Forest of Fear

TIMELORD (Season One Story)Edit

TIMELORD was the first story in the Season One story series. It introduced The Doctor and Sarah-Anne Foremane as his very first companion.


Sarah-Anne Foreman, a young law student at the University of Ponyville, lives a humdrum and profoundly average life, that is, until she finds a mysterious blue box in an abandoned barn at the back of Sweet Apple Farms. Stumbling inside, she finds it is much bigger than it appears on the outside. She soon finds herself locked inside by a strange brown earth pony who calls himself 'The Doctor'.Intrigued by him and his machine, she finds herself travelling with him to escape her boring old life in university... however, the TARDIS becomes caught in a time rift and the duo are plummeted to back to Equestria... 50,000 years in the past without power in the TARDIS. The Doctor Sarah-Anne venture out to explore while the TARDIS engines cool down. Little do they know of the brutal Elder Tribe who watch the two strangers carefully...

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