Sarah-Anne Foremane

Also Known As:

Mayor Mare, The Mayor, Annie


Equine/Earth Pony

Home Planet:


First Appearance:



October 10, 1946

816px-Mayor 4 S1E1

Sarah-Anne Foremane as she appeared in Friendship is Magic [[1]]

Sarah-Anne Foremane was born on October 10, 1946 in Westshore, Hoofington to Vanille and Colton Foremane. Her family had moved to Ponyville when she was born. She spent all her life there, studying in the local schools and getting high honors. As a result, her parents urged her to take up law. Eventually, she would become the mayor of Ponyville many years later. [2]

In 1966, while she was still studying law, she met the First Doctor while escaping from a rainstorm. She discovered his TARDIS hidden at the back of a disused barn at the back of Sweet Apple Farms. After wandering inside by accident, she was confronted by The Doctor who refused to let her leave, lest she reveal his secret to the rest of Ponyville. (DW: TIMELORD )