The Doctor

Also Known As:

Doctor Whoof, Doctor Whooves


Gallopfreyan/Time Lord

Home Planet:


First Appearance:

S1E1: TIMELORD et al

MLP: Call of The Cutie [2]

Doctor Whooves id

The Doctor in his 11th incarnation (supposedly never became the 11th doctor), as seen in Call of The Cutie [1]

"The Doctor" was an alias used by a renegade Time Lord from Gallopfrey who fled from the planet in an obsolete, stolen, Type-40 TARDIS

Although he was mostly a pacificst, he was known to violent outbursts when he was frustrated or things weren't going his ways. Under normal circumstances however, The Doctor went about with childlike abandon, showing revealing his vast intellect only when the situation called for it, yet still maintaining a care-free attitude for the most part.

Meeting With the Ponies Ever since his first arrival in Earth, stopping his TARDIS in a disused barn at the back of Sweet Apple Acres in the year 1967 for repairs after the dimensional stabilizers had malfunctioned. There, he met a young Sarah-Anne Foremane (the same pony who would later become the mayor of Ponyville in the late 1980's). The Doctor was forced to kidnap her, locking her in the TARDIS after she had forced her way in. The Doctor kept her, fearing she would report the incident to the authorities and create a ruckus in town. He tried to explain to Sarah that he was not a pony, but was in fact a Timelord, an alien from another planet deep in space. Still, the well learned law student refused The Doctor's explanations, claiming he was a spy working for the communists in the East. Unable to take Sarah's constantly whining and cursing, he finally set the TARDIS on a small journey, several years into the future of Ponyville. However, with the dimensional stabilizers still malfunctioning, it took the TARDIS and it's occupants to the year 10,000BC. The two venture outside to find a thick forest in place of the barn on Sweet Apple Farm. The stunned Sarah