Twilight Sparkle

Also Known as:

Twi, The great egghead



Home Planet:


First Appearance:

S3E10: The Eleventh Hour

MLPS1E1: Friendship is Magic [1]


August 20, 1992

Twilight Sparkle==

Twilight Sparkle is a young unicorn who travelled with The Doctor in his 3rd and 4th incarnations. She first me him when his TARDIS crashed into her backyard in Canterlot when she was 8 years old.

Twilight Sparkle was born on the 20th of August 1992 to Moonlight Crescent and Star Sparkle. As a youth, she was intelligent and inquisitive. She read plenty of books and was aware of her surroundings. Her high intelligence continued even until later on in her life. Her quick and brilliant mind made her resistant to mind control and to the effects of The Doctor's psychic paper (S4E3: The Demons)

A young Twilight Sparkle met the 3rd Doctor when, after being lost in the time vortex (S2E13: The Parting of Ways) his TARDIS crashed. She showed bravey when confronting the mysterious Time Lord for the first time, which impressed The Doctor. She prepared him a meal in her home and they discussed the stars, universe, and the TARDIS. After hearing the Cloister Bell, he said his farewells. Twilight asked him wether she could and see the stars with him, to which he said he would be back after a quick trip to Mars and back. She smiled and waited for him out in the garden... he never came back. The next day she went to enroll for Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns to start her advanced studies, but still convinced in her mind that the brown colt in the blue wooden box was real.

11 years would pass before the police box rematerialized in the Canterlot home. At this point, Twilight had already moved to Ponyville a year earlier, much to The Doctor's disdain. He set off in his TARDIS to find her. There, he finds out about a mysterious meteor landing in the outskirts of town and people disappearing. After investigating this same thing, Twilight comes across the TARDIS by accident, after investigating an alley. Eventually, the two finally meet and they work together to stop creatures called the Makk from infecting Ponyville's water supply with a fatal infection. The Doctor once again praises Twilight's bravery and asks her if she still wants to see the stars and other planets. Hesitantly, she thinks of her friends and what they'd think if she just went missing. The Doctor reassures her that he can bring her to any point in time and space and that after their trip is done, he can bring her back to this exact same moment in time. Happily, Twilight takes the first steps into the TARDIS, unsure of what she'd see in such a tiny box. The Doctor laughs at her reaction and follows her in. In the distance, Rainbow Dash watches with a look of concern, as the blue box slowly fades away, making it's trademark grinding noise. She would have much more adventures with The Doctor after this.